Flaming Purple

Nookii – there's always a time and a place


Welcome to the Flaming Purple blog.

It’s all about relationships – the intimate kind you have with a loved one.

Good sex is great for all concerned.
It strengthens and harmonises by relieving stress and releasing powerful endorphins to the brain, which in turn supplies us with that priceless feel-good factor.

Flaming Purple is playful, informative and full of tips & ideas to keep the flame alight. You’ll find short stories, tips, suggestive ideas and all important observations that will have you thinking differently about both of your needs and desires. It is respectful, subtle and delivered with a sprinkling of adventure.

Flaming Purple is born out of the iconic brand Nookii – a grown up game for playful couples. It is a map of foreplay, a key to a door of possibilities on a multitude of sensual interactions. It works by suggestion, delivering diversity and humour. One of the key components for good sex is awareness and Nookii is a great way to enhance sensuality. Develop intuitive reaction by heightening your perception, focusing attention on your partner’s sensitivity and their reactions. Nookii serves as a catalyst for your imagination and like any pursuit it’s the journey that counts, not the destination – the pleasure is in the moment.



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