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Nookii – there's always a time and a place

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All for the sake of love and possession

Stacey and Chris were lying on the bed in a warm embrace, rhythmically breathing in tune feeling the beating of each other’s hearts.

“Wow, we haven’t had sex like that in ages.” Stacey said and then started to giggle, slightly hysterically.

“You were so funny when you were doing the Spanish dancer, your hands in the air and your hips wiggling all over the place. I think we can definitely conclude dancing is not your forte Chris, although it was kind of sexy seeing you all loosened up.”

“So much for playing out the 6 cards though. We didn’t get past the third one. I felt so horny.” Chris mused.

There was a closeness between them in that moment and the smile in their eyes said it all.

Then Chris exclaimed, “Oh no, we’ve missed Homeland.”

“Nope, we haven’t. I recorded it when you were in the bathroom.” Triumph gleaming in her eyes, then “Sorry I was a bit tricky about the Nookii game, it’s just it made me feel like I wasn’t good enough and that you needed something else to get you going.” Stacey admitted.

“You always turn me on Stace, but that was a good laugh wasn’t it?”

“For sure. Talking of getting going, I’ve got to call Graeme. I’m meeting him tomorrow, don’t mind do you?”

“What, that bloke you met at your school reunion? What you meeting him for?” It was a bit of a knock. She had shown Chris a photo of him and he was pretty fit.

“He’s nice. We’re just catching up on the old days. Don’t be so paranoid.”

That took the wind out of the mood. Chris didn’t want Stacey to know he was pissed off so he jumped off the bed and said “I’m just going to send a couple of emails, I’ll be about 20 minutes, then we can watch TV, OK?” and he was off.

Stacey knew something was up, but hey, it wasn’t her problem.

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