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Put the X into Xmas – A short story

nookiigame72dpi“Happy Christmas darling”, said Chris nervously.

“What is it?”

“Just open it Stace, it’s for us, something to spice things up a bit and have a laugh.”

“Nookii, the grown up game for playful couples. A sex game? We don’t need this, there’s nothing wrong with our sex life. Is there?” Stacey questioned, somewhat confused.

“Of course not, I love you. I just thought it was a bit different, a bit of fun that’s all.” Chris was trying not to be defensive in his tone.

Stacey put the game aside, wondering if Chris thought she was boring in bed these days. Fair enough, they didn’t have nearly as much sex as they used to but that’s normal isn’t it, once you’ve been together for a while?

“Shall we play it later? After dinner?” Chris asked, finding it hard to contain his excitement but worried Stacey was upset.

Come on Stacey, put on a brave face and at least act like you’re pleased. It’s only sex after all. But from a game? Something someone else has written. It all sounds a bit cheesy. I mean why can’t we come up with our own foreplay. Ahhh, foreplay, a distant word from the past. There didn’t seem enough these days, to have long lazy sex without thinking about all the things I have to do – my difficult boss at work, getting dinner or the fact that Homeland starts at 9pm. Must set the Record button for that.

“Sure, why not, let’s give it a go but don’t expect me to start swinging from the chandeliers Chris”, she said with trepidation.

“Now here’s your pressie.” Stacey hands Chris a small package. He opens it.

“Oh great, a new tie. Thanks love.”

Chris drums up enthusiasm for the gift and pecks her on the cheek but what he really wants is to play the game of Nookii….